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Rama Berkowitz

In the files on our site you can read that Rama who channels Mother Sekhmet/Alcyone (Great Central Sun), is the spiritual son of Ashtar/Athena and goes up to the New Jerusalem on a regular basis, both in-body as well as out-of-body

Rama and I both have higher-dimensional aspects who are Bridge Watch Standers (Commanders) on the New Jerusalem. That is Admiral Sananda Kumara's flagship. …

We do represent--as do many others--the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. We are absolutely committed to the Announcement of NESARA and to the landing of the ships.

We represent Faction Three which is galactic forces and intelligence sources working through the King of Swords at 38 levels above the President of the United States.

Faction One {Rothschilds} and Faction Two {Rockyfellers} do not have access to that intelligence level. (March 6, 2009.)

As to Pharaoh Akhenaten's identity: That was Rama, which I verified with Mother Sekhmet. Since I was talking with Rama at the time of the original discussion about Obama's history, that was how I got confused. (Jan. 30, 2009.)

Rama's earth-father has been the head of an ashram in Sri Lanka for many years and they do not communicate, so this was quite a shock. He does talk to the "Nameless Ones" fairly frequently so they gave Govinda, Rama's cell phone number. (Jan. 4, 2009.)

Rama goes up to the ships almost every night to work with Mother Sekhmet, and many others. (March 1, 2008.)